MOCO’22: Performing “Practice Work”

Extending the Body (Virtual) will be performed as a performative lecture practice/research hybrid using Virtual Reality (VR) and green screens to project my embodied practice with VR amongst some wonderful other practice works virtually on June 23, 2022 @ MOCO’22! The session will be followed by an inclusive Q&A.

The 10-minute performative presentation proposed will be presented live on Twitch. I will present an iteration of Extending the Body inside Tilt Brush VR on an Oculus Quest using a green screen that will allow the audience to see both a body in a VR headset performing an embodied practice that creates residual painted traces in the Tilt Brush environment, video clips of past performances and past presentations. This iteration will be broadcasted online in a performative presentation format merging theory and practice. This version of the work invites the audience to a virtual performance of practice research.