Adele Myers and Dancers

Adele Myers and Dancers (2006 – 2018): Dancer/performer, company manager, and web/print designer.

“I grew up in this company through three changes of the guard. To watch Adele hone her craft and be a collaborator in her processes has impacted me in ways I can’t even know. My ideas about professionalism, attention to detail, performance quality, rigor, and transparency are shaped by her and the different company members throughout the years.” ~ Tara


Featured Photos: New York Times 2009, 2008
The Herald Sun, Durham, North Carolina 2014
Adele Myers and Dancers Company Press

Burns in Adele Myers and Dancers “The Dancing Room” The Quick CPA (2016)
Photo by Christopher Duggan
Burns performing in AMD’s “The Dancing Room” The Yard, Martha’s Vineyard, 2017
Photo by Sally Cohn
Burns in AMD’s “Einstein’s Happiest Thought” American Dance Festival, NC
Photo by Christopher Duggan
Burns performing in AMD’s “Theater in the Head” Vermont Performance Lab 2011
Photo by Ivan Singer