Tilt World

Tilt World (2018 – present) is an immersive, audience participatory performance with four dancers, two Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, and projections created through the live performance use of Google’s 3D-painting virtual-reality program, Tilt Brush. As my MFA Thesis research, Tilt World investigates the intersections of Virtual Reality and physicality and questions What is real?, Who is in control? and Can VR and AR technologies be successfully used beyond the single user experience in a performative environment?

Photos and videos are from three different iterations of Tilt World in ACCAD’s Motion Lab at The Ohio State University.

Photo of KJ Dye, Maggie Schmieglow, Michelle Sipes, Emily Craver, Tara Burns, and Norah Zuniga-Shaw by Dan Shellenbarger
Photo of Josh Anderson, Dian Jing, and Tara Burns pulled from a video shot by Emily Craver by Dan Shellenbarger
Photo of Emily Craver and Laura Patterson by Dan Shellenbarger
Photo of LROD and Tara Burns by Dan Shellenbarger
Photo by Norah Zuniga Shaw