Tilt World

Tilt World (2018 – present) is an immersive, audience participatory performance with 2 dancers, a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, VR controllers, and projections in-the-round, created through the live performance use of Google’s 3D-painting virtual-reality program, Tilt Brush.Tilt World investigates the intersections of virtual and physical space of “the weird giggle” as Ruth Gibson, Bruno Martelli, and Susan Kozel describe in their article of the same name.

“…a mix of strangeness and delight that arises when expectations do not quite map directly onto perceptual flow and create a small rupture like a “shimmer” “The shimmer can also take the somewhat more unnerving form of a flinch, when bumping into a wall that is not really there; or an unexpected reaction to an object or sensation in the real world…” – Susan Kozel, Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli in “Attending to Affect in Virtual Reality”

Photos and videos are from different iterations of Tilt World in ACCAD’s Motion Lab at The Ohio State University.

Josh Anderson plays the role of physical instigator, Dian Jing responds to painted world in headset and Tara Burns paints the world in a “Procenium” iteration @ ACCAD’s Motion Lab Winter 2019
KJ Dye & Tara Burns performing with audience building installation in ACCAD’s Motion Lab Spring 2019 – Video by Oded Huberman

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