Tilt World: Deep in the Mirror

Concept: To investigate the  visual and physical effects of using the “mirror” setting in Tilt Brush.

I investigated standing with my body on the intersection of the mirror. As I moved my right arm with the paint controller and did the same thing with my other hand, it appears that my other hand was also painting with no controller. The visual representation is akin to a warshack drawing, where one side of a folded page mirrors the other.

Questions and Moving Forward
The mirror setting divide the physical space in half. One can be close to the mirror or farther away and it creates the same visual effects as a real mirror. When you draw, it draws the mirror image. However, when you delete, what is in the mirror stays.

  • I’d like to experiment with another body mimicking my movement. In this senario, I am wondering if it is possible for the audience to understand they are drawing what I am drawing. Perhaps they are standing behind a dreamIs it possible  seeing if it appear  as if they are drawing without the apparatus.
  • Moving in a circle creates a painted “nest” or  sphere around the performer generating a projected visual representations on all screens when the performer turns.
  • The projection is almost so big, that it takes away from the dance.
  • When the performer moves their head, the projections swirl, the head parameters or choreography need to be specific in order to keep the audience from getting sick.