a canvasUnBound

Filmed by Katie O’laughlin, Technical support by Oded Huberman and Alex Oliszewski

a canvasUnBound is a performance with an interactive system including 20 panels of 10-second recordings that fade in and out in relation to a body’s coordinates in space. In an attempt to recontextualize the memory of embodiment, I filmed and edited this archive from the 3D paintings in Tilt Brush created in the performance of Extending the Body.

“a CanvasUnBound” was performed on The Drake Performing and Events Center before the DigiEye Film Festival in Spring 2021. I performed live about 400 feet from the projection of the filmed rendering of the work that was projected on the side of the fly loft of the the Drake for an outside audience.
Photo by Katie O’Laughlin

Performed in the Motion Lab, the panels stretched along the main projection surface and the top projector on the ground. I used a large piece of white plastic sheeting to extend from one section of the projection to highlight the floor projection and also use it as a prop later in the work. When performing with the system, I embodied the same phenomenological methodology I use in VR. I had a spatial score that unveiled over time when moving in the environment.

Photo by Katie O’Laughlin

At times I definitely felt immersed, especially when very close to the projection, the 3D environment that was recorded was palpable. But the same response and affective qualities in VR were not there in this projected environment—they were still 2D. It felt important to apply the phenomenological methodology from VR in a more traditional performance space. The result was residual, like memory, but also the creation of a new environment based on the history of the artifacts, the archive in the space. Moving forward, I will speak about a canvasUnBound in Alex Oliszewski’s theater class on April 7, 2021, and perform in the Drake Film Festival on April 13, 2021, to further explore using an embodied practice made for a 3D space in the 2D realm.

For more technical documentation of this project, see this blog post.