a canvasUnBound

a canvasUnBound is a performance with an interactive system including 20 panels of 10-second recordings that fade in and out in relation to a body’s coordinates in space. In an attempt to re-contextualize the memory of embodiment in Virtual Reality, this visual projected archive was recorded from the 3D paintings in Tilt Brush created in the performance of Extending the Body and re-organized in Isadora to create an immersive interactive system inhabited through an improvisational score.

a canvasUnBound was live-streamed from 100 feet away on the Drake Performing and Events Center by Alex Oliszewski and students in OSU’s Theater Department prior to the DigiEye Film Festival.

All photos and video by Katie O’laughlin

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The first iteration of a canvasUnBound (below) was filmed in the ACCAD Motion Lab and presented as part of ITERATION X in the Hybrid Arts Lab online exhibition. Videography by Katie O’laughlin with technical support by Oded Huberman and Alex Oliszewski. Editing, performance, and interactive system design by Tara Lee Burns