moonshot: solos for your home

“imagination augments the values of reality.” – Gaston Bachelard “The Poetics of Space”

“Moonshot: solos for your home” places a more than human identity in the home of the user. By imagining a pre-recorded/motion-captured solo made alive in the user’s space I am exploring audience as performer and archive as a performance. The audience member becomes the performer by engaging with an Augmented Reality (AR) entity in the space through watching from a distance, moving around 360*, or sitting immersed in the body of the performer. The choreography and movement of the dancer was archived through motion-captured choreography of dancer and performer. By placing this danced archive in the hands of the user, I am questioning the essence of performance and exploring alternative performance venues.

Click HERE to Download BETA version of this App to your phone (currently Android Devices Only)
Special Thanks to Collaborators and Key Supporters
To Shadrick Addy for the meetings and scripts that deepened the uses of Augmented Reality (AR). To Vita Berezina-Blackburn for all those motion capture sessions. To Norah Zuniga Shaw, again, and again.

For more details about this project see my blog post: Creating moonshot: solos for your home.