The Making of Statues

The Making of Statues (2010 – 2012): A 30-minute multimedia performance with six dancers, Tara Burns, Diana Deaver, Katie Stehura, Robin Neveu Brown, Meg Weeks, and Rebecca Woods. The Making of Statues is a coming of age that follows the performers to their stoney fate. Playful slides, hops, and reaches amidst wistful glances at the stars build into rebellious attempts at running and climbing and resolve in flexed and angular unison movement. Hands clenching into fists reaching for the swords at their sides represent a unified feminine war cry. Their fate in history is sealed in stone whether constellations or statues.

Photo of Diana Deaver by Steven Schreiber
Photo of Robin Neveu Brown by Steven Schreiber
Photo of Julie Bordonaro, Robin Neveu Brown, and Tara Lee Burns by Steven Schreiber