Extending the Body v1

Iteration X: Extending the Body (performed Oct 31/Nov 1, 2020 @ Chadwick Arboretum North The Ohio State University, Columbus) is part 1 of a four-part performance installation sifting the components of documentation, analysis, and product that build and rebuild cyborg performances continually questioning how a body holds identity.

Iteration X: Extending the Body identifies the Virtual Reality (VR) headset as prosthesis and signifier of cyborg. Merging nature and technology, five timed groups are guided to access the real-time VR painting and soundscape via their mobile devices while discovering a body bound by thick neon pink elastic amongst the trees. “As the performer, I inhabit a virtual world while colliding with the physical world beneath my feet. The sounds around me influence the movement score creating unique experiences/paintings for the five audience groups that create one cohesive painting in Google’s Virtual Reality painting program, Tilt Brush. The audience can access the painting after the performance via Google Poly and the website used in the performance. If a VR headset is available, the audience can also download the painting to inhabit and embody themselves. The audience used QR codes to visit the mobile site.

Access OSU’s documentation of the evening of events here: https://dance.osu.edu/events/livestream-tethering-iteration-1

Filmography by Katherine Logan | Photos by Abby Koskinas

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