Tilt World: Solo Rehearsal


Concept: To set up and record a improvisations, tests, and pictures of my 1st solo set up in ACCAD’s Motion Lab for future rehearsals of Tilt World in this space.

Methodology: First, I created a detailed improvisation study incorporating repetition and color change in order to show an archive of the movement I’ve created. Second, once a sequence of movement was solidified mentally and physically I was able to retrograde the movement.

Discoveries: Immediately retrograding was very confusing. It is hard to tell where the line begins and ends and what movements were done to create this line and not just trace the pathway back with your hand. Since all the movements are not recorded, just the hand, it becomes important to discover what about the movement in that moment I want to record. Do I put my hand on my pelvis to record pelvis movement and perhaps weight? How do I record a fast shift in weight? Will changing brushes help with that? For example, if the Neon brush has a continuous repetition after drawn toward the ground will that show a strong weight toward the ground such as falling?

Retrograding improvised movement in the virtual environment is something that I will have to work up to and will require more rehearsal.

Paying attention to my focus is very important. The focus must be on the drawing hand, right behind it, or on other groups of paint at all times or pathways are not projected and witnessed.

Certain paint brushes have movement after being painted and reiterate a flow of movement including: Neon (traces itself), Electricity (wiggles like lightning), Fire (subtle texture), and Stars and Snow (disperse outward from the drawn line).


Questions: Can I record from inside the Vive or Oculus in real time so I can watch the progression and creation of the world after it has been completed instead of just a snapshot of what was done? I’ve seen other artists record their progression on youtube, how is this done?

Is it possible to move the headset around without your head in it? Does the headset track whether your head is in it or not? This is interesting for possible audience participation. I tried this below with questionable results.

Update: Yes, you can record in real time. Also saving a creation and then opening it in Tilt Brush re-draws the creation in real time. This is how others have recorded their progression. It is possible for the headset to move around without the wearer. However, the Vive has an antenna which when obstructed disconnects. So, this wouldn’t be good for audience participation, but would be good for rehearsed movement.