Open April 5 – May 5, 2021 – Virtual Website Installation @ Urban Arts Space’s Hybrid Arts Lab

Tara Lee Burns’ MFA Thesis in Dance, “ITERATION X” is a series of four works that not only identify as documentation, archive, and performance, but are interchangeable artworks of alternative and simultaneous realities as resistance and hope. The four works bridge aesthetics ranging from the bright colors of the VR…

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“Iteration X: a canvasUnbound” Prototype

Goals*To have panels that disappear when triggered*To have that reveal an underlying theme/movie*To use the Oculus Quest as the reveal movie Challenges*Everything worked in my office and then when changing to the basement I had to add a few more features in order for it to work. I think the…

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Iteration X: Extending the Body

This is the first cycle of my MFA Thesis. I envision my thesis as a three part process (or more). This first component was part of an evening walk around the OSU Arboretum with my MFA 2021 Cohort. To see an idea of the full event around the lake and…

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