“a CanvasUnBound” performed at The Drake Performing and Events Center

“a CanvasUnBound‘s” live performance was projected on the fly loft of The Drake Performing and Events Center before the DigiEye Film Festival in Spring 2021 for an outside audience. As I performed about 400 feet from the projection of the filmed rendering of the work, this performance was an exercise…

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Devising Experiential Media Systems: The pressure is on

Under the instruction of Alex Oliszewski, we were to create a self generating patch in 3 hours (no more, no less). He calls this time-limit method of creation a Pressure Point Project. Goals:To use the Live Drawing actorTo deepen my understanding of user actors and macros. Challenges: Finessing transitions between…

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The “aboutness” of Digital Recess

Our final performance in Intermedia was the culmination of three months of “digital recess” as coined by a former student of Norah’s. It was so exciting to have two willing participants wheeled into our playground like “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”from Disney’s Magic Kingdom. That’s not a metaphor, they were sat…

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