Devising Experiential Media Systems: The pressure is on

Under the instruction of Alex Oliszewski, we were to create a self generating patch in 3 hours (no more, no less). He calls this time-limit method of creation a Pressure Point Project.

To use the Live Drawing actor
To deepen my understanding of user actors and macros.

Finessing transitions between patches
Occasional re-setting glitches (it sometimes has a different outcome than the first 10x)
Making things random in the way you want them to be random is difficult.

User Actor creates daisy chains to help “cars” enter, dance, and exit. I changed the last User Actor into a User Actor Macro so I could change the outputs, stop the lost “car” and terminate him. 🙁 I’m realizing at this moment, that I took a picture before I changed the rectangles to circles, but I like the rectangles better I think.
This is inside the user actor.
This is after the termination of said car. 🙁
When the explosion is complete it triggers the pulse generators and envelope generators (EG) to begin the timing, color change, and brightness change of the “crazy” line drawing.
After 15 seconds the envelop generator completes and triggers another EG to raise the intensity of the projector that the more gouache paint fills in the frame until I press ‘a’ on the keyboard to exit the scene.