moonshot: solos for your home made its debut at VCU’s Dance on Camera

In addition to Moonshot: solos for your home finding its home on both the Android and Apple app stores, it had an opening at Virginia Common Wealth’s Dance on Camera on September 20, 2021. VCU’s audience came together in their respective safety zones for permission to use their devices while sitting in the theater!

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Special thanks to Kate Sicchio for curating the event and talking the audience through the app experience. She mentioned they were “excited to take a piece of the show home” and sent some documentation of the event so I can see how it was received.

The audience accessed the link to their respective app store through a QR code and proceeded to download the moonshot while sitting in the theater!
They listened to the whisper from other phone’s soundscapes and placed the dancing body on the stage or in the air.

There is something so interesting to imagine everyone in the theater starring at their phones and placing an augmented reality body on the stage. Who ends up performing in this case? The audience? The recorded body? Yes, and…