virtual reality

Tilt World: Outside Eye and Co-Creation

Concept: To investigate an outside perspective on rehearsals and work with dancers Jackquie Sochacki and Michelle Sipes. Methodology: In the first rehearsal, Jacquie wore the unconnected headset as if blindfolded to feel the weight of it and allow Michelle to guide her more deeply. The second rehearsal, Jacquie, never having…

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Creating an Immersive Virtual Environment

ConceptCo-creator Laura Rodriguez and I aimed to create a room for a virtual Spielberg Museum to resemble Carol Anne’s room in Poltergeist the movie. Design of the room included interactive elements such as lights that change with proximity, a TV that turns on and plays a clip from the movie…

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Digging Augmented Reality

My co-creator and I, Laura Rodriguez/LROD, aimed to create an Augmented Reality application used as an educational supplement to Laura Dixon Gottschild’s Digging the Africanist Presence in American Performance: Dance and Other Contexts.

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