Google’s Tilt Brush

Tilt World: Sound, Color, & Feedback

  Concept: The premise for this rehearsal was primarily to choreograph a sequence that specifically addressed the use of sound in Google’s Tilt Brush to be shown during Daniel Robert’s Graduate Composition class (above). Tilt World rehearsals (Jan 2020 – May 2020) are geared toward building an improvisational score, group…

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Tilt World’s 2nd Iteration

My final “Tilt Brush” iteration this semester was an installation/performance during ACCAD’s open house on April 5th in the Motion Lab. The audience/participants entered a circle of projection screens where cardboard boxes, feather boas, pool noodles, and random small balls littered the space. Tasks were written on cards around the…

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Tilt World Sandbox

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, a Sandbox is something Norah uses in her Research Studio class that allows room for change and brainstorming of a group. In the following photos by Dan Shellenbarger (thank you!!) he documented some experiments in my sandbox in February. This project, titled “Tilt World”…

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