Tilt World: Outside Eye and Co-Creation

Concept: To investigate an outside perspective on rehearsals and work with dancers Jackquie Sochacki and Michelle Sipes. Methodology: In the first rehearsal, Jacquie wore the unconnected headset as if blindfolded to feel the weight of it and allow Michelle to guide her more deeply. The second rehearsal, Jacquie, never having…

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Luna the Crazy Loon: Complex Props

Concept: This assignment for Motion Capture Production and Experimentation taught by Vita Berezina-Blackburn required us to create a character or sequence of events that was based from a prop we captured in ACCAD’s motion capture lab then edited in Motionbuilder using constraints. Methodology: Our group decided to capture a ball…

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Tilt World: Solo Rehearsal

Concept: To set up and record a improvisations, tests, and pictures of my 1st solo set up in ACCAD’s Motion Lab for future rehearsals of Tilt World in this space. Methodology: First, I created a detailed improvisation study incorporating repetition and color change in order to show an archive of…

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