What is Activism in Performance?

This was to be performed in Spring 2020 but was canceled due to Covid. The five collaborators, Alessandra Christmas (dramaturg), Emily Craver (dancer), Davianna Green (dancer), Laura Neese (dancer) and I never fully realized this work and I am excited to continue digging into these themes and how they live…

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Mette Ingvartsen’s Yes Manifesto (2005)

Yes to redefining virtuosityYes to conceptualizing experience, affects, sensationYes to materiality/body practiceYes to investment of performer and spectatorYes to expressionYes to excessYes to ‘invention'(however impossible)Yes to un-naming, decoding and recoding expressionYes to non-recognition, non-resemblanceYes to non-sense/illogicYes to organizing principles rather than fixed logic systemsYes to methodology and proceduresYes to editing…

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