The Shhhh Box

To create a small model of what could be a large scale version of a installation/performance where the performer moves from one side of the box to another changing and augmenting sounds.

I had the opportunity to research the installation more in my first patch, but I aborted mission to create a cohesive experience switching the sounds to “shhhs,” labeling the box “The SHHHH Box,” and adding the prayer.

I had a problem with one of my touch points continually completing the circuit. I remedied this by putting a piece of paper under the aluminum. I decided that either glue is conductive (I don’t think so), I accidentally connected the circuit with messy electric finger paint, or the box is recycled and might have bits of metal in that one part (Like when you put a Starbucks cup in the microwave even though it says you shouldn’t).

On my computer when I opened the patch, it would blurt out the final prayer. So, I added an instruction to Kara to connect the toggle to the movie player so the sound wouldn’t play and ruin the creepy surprise. Update: Alex showed me a remedy for this: 1) Snapshots in Isadora: Create a snapshot of exactly how it “should” be (even though it keeps reverting to something other), then Enter Scene Trigger –> Recall Snapshot. Ta dah!

I also wish I had connected all the sounds properly, in haste, I put them in a new folder but forgot to re-connect the sounds and then Kara had to do that which made it more difficult for her in the beginning.

If the electric paint goes to the aluminum my assumption is that since the aluminum is conductive that it should be trigger enough. But when Kara tested it, she seemed to have trouble triggering it.

In process.